The One Where We Needed a Mailbox House

I finally got a little bit of free time to work on a project that was a long time coming. Ever since we bought our house our mail box looked like this. Meanwhile up the street were some really nice mailbox covers with roofing, shingles, etc. Abby and I decided to fix this.

The first thing we did was check with our mail carrier to make sure our plan was ok with the USPS. We then put letters in the other two boxes explaining what we were doing and inviting them, if they would like, to purchase new boxes that I would be happy to install into the new mailbox house.

We then visited the neighbor’s house to take a bunch of pictures of their existing box. There were already three of them on our street so we thought it would be cool to keep the existing theme.


I had enough scrap wood from other projects to complete almost the whole project. That plus some extra roofing tiles left over from my Dad’s new roof and we were good to go.

We cut all the pieces until we had ourselves a mailbox house kit. This is my favorite part of any project: when we are ready to assemble.


Once built, we use some white exterior spray paint to make it look nice and pretty. We will use the existing post, modifying the height to work with our new house, but also painted white to match.


This was a very quick one-day project, even with a couple coats of paint, but makes a huge difference in the curb-appeal of our front yard.


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