Circle Blanket

The One With the Circle Blanket

Mixing it up a little, this project involves hooks. Of the crochet variety. I don’t meet a lot of men who like to crochet and who will admit it. But they way I see it, if what I make is just plain awesome, no one can make fun of me. Besides, it’s not only therapeutic, the patterns remind me of computer code so I find I can naturally comprehend the more complicated ones.

This project required some new tools. I got myself a cool set of bamboo handle hooks and ordered a custom made case off Etsy that rolls up when not in use.


I made this blanket for my youngest daughter just before she was born. Every year my family vacations in the San Juan Islands which includes a lot of sitting on the beach. So every year I have a crochet/knitting project to keep my busy.

The first step in creating this circle blanket is, well, to create circles. A lot of circles. As is my custom, I researched several existing patterns online and ended up creating my own that was kind of a hybrid of three different ones to give me the look I wanted.

To get the overall size I wanted, I calculated I needed 9 rows and 7 columns which means 63 total circles. Relying on my wife’s excellent sense of color, I let her choose 9 different colors of yarn for the circles.


Once the circles were completed (and all loose ends woven in, ug!) I went around each with a very light shade of grey, using various heights of stitches which effectively created a square around each circle.


I went through several options for choosing the pattern of the circles. I ended with this one because it looks pretty random, but actually has a specific, repeating pattern.


After that is was a simple matter of connecting all the rows, and then all the columns. The ending result is amazing and this blanket sits on my couch to this day.


Here are some of the tools and supplies I used in this project. If you are interested in one, take a look. You get a fun product, I get a fun commission. Thanks!

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