The One Where We Had a Heart

The Heart Wall is one of the many projects, including the chalkboard sign, the welcome baby frame, the striped hallway, and the master bedroom remodel that Jess asked me to do as part of getting ready for Novie to join our family.

For this birth, as with our 2nd, we chose to give birth at home. As a third time mom and long time birth photographer, Jess knew exactly what would make a birth room fabulous.

This project was not only fun, but very easy.

Step #1: Scour your iPhone pics, from the last several years and find the best 107. You would think that would be easy, but we actually had a hard time narrowing it down.

Step #2: Spend a couple of hours at work using your strong excel kung-fu to come up with the perfect heart configuration. I went through several drafts but ended up with this. Please download it, copy it, use it. Save yourself a couple of hours trying to work through it all.


Step #3: Have your wife order 107 prints, all 4″x4″ square. Granted, it helps to have a professional photographer on the project who knows exactly how to do this and we got them in just a few days. It was fun just flipping through the stack of memories.

Step #4: Place a piece of blue painter’s tape across the wall using a level so you have a straight, horizontal line to begin with.


For this first line, I placed the widest line in the heart. Once I had that done, I worked up to the top, then down to the bottom. 15 pictures, check. We started with scotch tape, thinking how heavy can the pictures be? We got through placing about 40 pictures before they started falling off the wall. Trust me, go with the 3M Mounting Tape. Not only will it hold forever, but it comes off the wall without damaging the paint, and it is a little thicker so it almost gives it a 3d effect. For a couple bucks you can get a 50″ roll which I cut into 1/2″ pieces.

Now it is up to you if you want to worry about the order. Our images were from all over the place so we just decided on a random configuration. We did change a couple around once the whole project was complete, just to not get too many similar ones together.


From here you just follow the pattern. Eye-balling is totally fine. If you like, you can use a ruler to place the first one on each row, then base the rest of the row off that one. But I think as long as it looks centered to you, it will look centered to everyone else.


Once I had the top finished, I continued on to the bottom. This goes so quickly you will be amazed.

This was a quick project, but with an amazing result. What a great way to have reminders of her family as Jess welcomes a new member. We always said we would update the pictures as time goes by, but we can’t get ourselves to take any of them down.



Here are some of the tools and supplies I used in this project. If you are interested in one, take a look. You get a fun product, I get a fun commission. Thanks!

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    1. Hi Angel. The coop base is 4’x6′. The run is 4′ deep, 8′ along the front, and 7′ along the side. The plans are pretty easy to modify if you are looking for a smaller or larger size.

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