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The One With World Peace

Honestly, until Jess asked for a Peace Pole, I had never even heard of them. But once I was aware of them, I see and hear about them all over the place. After my initial research, what I determined is there is really no wrong way to make a Peace Pole.

I started with an 8 foot 4×4 post. I didn’t worry about using exterior wood since I would literally be painting the entire thing. So I went with the smoothest, straightest one I could find.


Peace Poles are made using all kinds of materials from wood to metal to stone. The come in all shapes and sizes but are usually 4 sided or 6 sided. The first Peace Pole was created in Japan in the 1950’s but today they can be found all over the world in places such as the Magnetic North Pole, the Hiroshima Peace Memorial, and the Pyramids of Giza. Now we can add Trevor’s garden to the list.

After some quick sanding, I painted the entire pole with primer, both to seal it and to prepare it for painting. I got a small sample can of paint of each of the 6 colors of the rainbow so we could add lots of color.


Historically speaking, a Peace Pole is decorated with the test “May Peace Prevail on Earth” in the language of the country where it is located, plus a different language for each additional side. For our pole, we chose English, Spanish, Italian, and Japanese.

I got to decorate the Japanese side, a tribute to when I lived there when I was young as well as my awesome skills with a Samurai sword, I’m sure.


Everyone got to decorate a side and Jess did the letters. Our decorations ranged from flowers to legos and is a colorful representation of our lives.


I installed the Peace Pole in our garden. We also capped it with a solar powered, pyramid shaped light we thought would look cool at night.


This was a fun, very easy project. The hardest part was waiting for the paint to dry before I could tape it off to paint another side.



Here are some of the tools and supplies I used in this project. If you are interested in one, take a look. You get a fun product, I get a fun commission. Thanks!


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