The One Where I Nailed It

When we decided to move Wally into Abby’s room with her (a short-lived experience, it turns out), we remodeled the entire room, from new beds to fun paint on the walls.

One day while at work Jess told me about her idea and I thought to myself, “I already have everything I need for this project.” That’s right. Project cost: $0.00.

The idea is to use yarn to put a decorative initial above each kid’s bed. But with a 3-D look.

The first step is the template. Jess picked a font and I printed them out (using a few sheets of paper) and taped them together. Obviously the widths are different but I kept the heights the same.


When I got home I was excited to get started. I taped the template to the wall exactly where I wanted it. I then used the tip of a nail to poke a tiny hole in every corner of the letter, making sure to get both the inside and outside corners.


This step took a little courage to start since I am basically putting a bunch of nail holes in my wall, but I knew it would be well worth it.

I used pretty long nails with decent sized heads because I didn’t want the yarn slipping off. and the nails themselves become pretty invisible once the yarn is put on.

I used a sharp to mark each nail 3/4″ from the head, not the tip. I then carefully tapped them in up to the red mark so all my nails were sticking out exactly 3/4″.


This is by far the most fun part of the project. I started with a tight knot around one of the nails, then proceeded to wrap around the nails, going over and over and over making sure each layer was a little farther from the wall.

Once I was close to the heads, I tied another tight knot and clipped the ends. I had to use a 2nd piece of yarn for the inside of the A.


And here is the W.


This projects was very fast but very cool. I did it all in probably 20 minutes once I had the templates ready to go.

Of course, if you have seen our house recently, there is a big N where the W is, since it turned out much better to have Novie in the same room as Abby.


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