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The One With An Art To It | Display Kids Art

One of the kid’s rooms has a blank wall. Blank. Like nothing on it, just plain white. If you know either me or my wife, you know that is unacceptable. Something must be done about this. Jess came up with a plan for an art wall to display kids art work. So off I went to Home Depot.

Display Kids Art


The materials for this project are very simple. I got a bunch of 1×2 boards made out of hemlock. It already has a pretty nice finish so we are going to leave it natural instead of painting or finishing.

Display Kids Art


The idea here is we make a grid on the wall and will display kids art in each square. Each section is 15″ tall and 17 1/2″ wide. We wanted to start the first horizontal piece down about 3″ because, well, we though it looked cool.

I started by using my stud finder to mark the locations of the studs across the wall. I will use my air compressor and 2 1/2″ finishing nails in my nail gun. I want to make sure the nails go into studs for the horizontal pieces. This is not a load bearing project but I would rather not have them come out if someone pulls on them.

I cut four 3″ pieces and used them as spacers to put the first horizontal piece in place. Fortunately, the width of the wall is about 94″, and the boards come in 96″ length. I simple measured across and cut a bit of the end.

Once the top horizontal board was in place, I marked where each vertical piece goes, then nailed the top of them in place up against the horizontal board.

Using my level, I made sure the first one was straight, then put a nail in the bottom of it to secure it in place. I then made myself a 17 1/2″ spacer board and used it to position the bottoms of the other pieces, nailing them in place as I go.

Display Kids Art

Once I had a row of vertical pieces in place, I measure and cut another horizontal piece and nailed it in place, into the studs, up against the bottom of the vertical pieces. Then I repeated the process down the wall.

Display Kids Art

Now that the grid is in place, it’s time to attach the clips that will hold and display kids art. I marked the top center of each grid square. These clips have a large hole in the handle so I got some screws and washers to hold it in place. They are very secure but can still open and close as needed.

Display Kids Art

Once all the clips were in place, we returned the dresser and laundry basket to their designated places. This is already looking pretty cool and there isn’t even any art on the art wall yet.

Display Kids Art

Abby recently brought home a lot of art work from her 3rd grade school year so she and my wife went through them to choose their favorites, and mixed in a couple of Novie’s as well. There are even a few spots left for future masterpieces.

One of the things I like about this project is it can by changed around all the time as new artwork is created. It will grow along with the kids. It will be cool to compare this image with one a few years from now. It’s a great way to display kids art and not let it stack up, or even get thrown away.

Display Kids Art

Here are some of the tools and supplies I used in this project. If you are interested in one, click to take a look. You get a fun product, I get a fun commission. Thanks!

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