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The One With The Wild Animals – DIY Toy Animals

Recently we visited our local Farmers Market in Edmonds and found a guy who makes these fabulous DIY toy animals. My kids were really excited about them and I though “I can do that.” So this weekend I had each of them pick their favorite animal. After several nominations and a complicated culling process, they arrived at their favorite three. A crab, a baby chick, and a dragon.

My first step was to create our patterns. I found some clipart online, resized it, and printed them out. I then carefully cut them out with scissors.

DIY Toy Animals

We headed out to my shop and searched through my scrap wood. We hit a jackpot with this piece of 1/4″ solid oak. Because it is not too thick, my scroll should go through it easily. As I traced the patterns onto the wood with a pencil, I started getting a little nervous about how complicated they were looking.

DIY Toy Animals

I used a brand new scroll saw blade with the smallest teeth I had available. I took it slow and carefully. The hardest part is trying to get to some of the places I needed to cut. For the chick’s eye, I just used my drill press with the right sized bit.

Now what would a woodworker do with these now? Probably finish it by sanding it using super fine sand paper until it was perfect and then gently rubbing mineral oil or something into it giving it a nice, shiny finish.

But what does a dad of three kids do?

DIY Toy Animals

Let’s them paint them, of course! My youngest daughter is fond of using a lot of colors and mixing them together. My son really wanted a green crab. And my oldest daughter found some silver spray paint to finish hers.

DIY Toy Animals

Once the paint was dry, we used magnetic tape that I invented (I thought of the idea but someone had already beat me to it). It came in a long roll that we could cut to length. One side was adhesive so we were able to stick it right on.

DIY Toy Animals

All finished with our DIY toy animals! They are already picking new, more complicated animals for the next round.

DIY Toy Animals

Here are some of the tools and supplies I used in this project. If you are interested in one, click to take a look. You get a fun product, I get a fun commission. Thanks!

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