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The One We Dreamed Of – DIY Dream Catcher

Every year my family spends a week during the summer at West Beach Resort on Orcas Island and every year we have a project for the kids. This year we chose a DIY Dream Catcher.

There are a lot of examples on YouTube that describe how to make them. While doing my research the first thing I noticed is how many options there are. As usual, I ended up taking ideas from several different videos to create the idea I had in my head.

We began with 12″ diameter metal hoops that I ordered from Amazon. I found a pack of different colored flat suede cord that we used to wrap the hoop.

DIY Dream Catcher

It turned out to be fairly tricky for the kids to wrap the hoops and make sure they were done tight and without twisting so I wrapped most of the rings while the kids combed the beaches for decorations. For mine, I decided to use various types of shells and some driftwood. I needed to pick ones that were thick enough that my Dremel tool would be able to punch a hole through it without cracking it.

DIY Dream Catcher

Using some waxed string, we preloaded a bunch of beads that each kid chose, and wrapped the ring in a webbed pattern, dropping a bead at random.

DIY Dream Catcher

For mine, I ended up finding a cool way to add the beads in a spiral patter in descending order of size. I also used a cool looking oyster shell as a center piece.

Once the main DIY Dream Catcher was finished, I added the strings at the bottom to hang my shells, drift wood, some leftover beads, even some feathers I found from a legendary black Orcas Goose, not the crow that woke me up in the morning.

DIY Dream Catcher

When we (sadly) returned home from another fantastic trip to Orcas Island, we hung all our DIY Dream Catchers under the eaves of our house. It is pretty cool how they act as wind chimes as well.

DIY Dream Catcher

Here are some of the tools and supplies I used in this project. If you are interested in one, click to take a look. You get a fun product, I get a fun commission. Thanks!

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