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The One With Arachnophobia – DIY Grandfather Spider Clock

I am a big fan of holiday decorations at work. I think a fun workplace is great for morale and, aside from Christmas, no other holiday screams for decorations like Halloween. Thus, the spooky DIY Grandfather Spider Clock was born.

This project took a lot of pre-planning and prep work. Before we could actually assemble the clock, we had to construct all the little decorative pieces. We based this project on an image we found online, which has several skulls all over it. Since I do work in an office with clients, we changed the skulls to spiders to keep it a little more family friendly.

So we needed spiders. A lot of spiders. Fortunately, I have a particularly crafty and artistic co-worker who whipped out twenty of these cardboard spiders and painted them all black.

DIY Grandfather Spider Clock


There are a lot of fine details that make our DIY Grandfather Spider Clock particularly awesome. We had to resurrect some old geometry formulas to get cylinders and cones exactly how we wanted them, but it was worth the effort.

DIY Grandfather Spider Clock


Once we had all the pieces created, we started assembling the clock. I began by calling again on my artistic co-worker who too a stack of brown construction paper, a foam brush, and some black paint and 15 minutes later somehow had a stack of paper with wood grain.

We started by wrapping the post in the wood paper. We wrapped the top in black to give the illusion that the clock does not go all the way to the ceiling.

DIY Grandfather Spider Clock


Once the paper was done, we added the decorative cardboard ornamentation. It wasn’t too complicated but there were¬†so many pieces! Once we attached all the pieces for one side, we realized we had to do that again on three other sides.

DIY Grandfather Spider Clock


We added the spiders themselves. Then the final step was to attach some cobwebs. I have to say, it is a little creepy when you see it in person. I definitely give it a little more room as I walk by.

DIY Grandfather Spider Clock

Here are some of the tools and supplies I used in this project. If you are interested in one, click to take a look. You get a fun product, I get a fun commission. Thanks!

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